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Why I Loved Being Your Interim Pastor
(Rev. Bob Shepherd, November 2004)

You are touchable. You are the kind of people with whom I could be myself. I tried to be open, warm, and caring. I liked touching your lives. It was meaningful for you to touch mine.

You provided me a place of service in which I could express my profession of faith and not be a professional pastor. Sharing heart knowledge was more important for me than sharing head knowledge. I thank you for listening to my heart.

You listened to that which I believed and you decided what you should believe. "Priesthood of believer" was important to our relationship.

I liked serving people who shared in ministry. You have a wonderful congregation of "ministers" which made an exciting situation in which being a fellow minister was a delight.

You accepted my efforts to preach. I offered no flair, no flamboyant spectacle, and no show. I simply opened my heart and found you there.

You are a peaceful people, and I like peace. I could not have functioned in an arena of bickering. You laughed and loved a lot. There can be no laughing and loving without peace. Peace is priceless.

I loved being your part-time pastor because God led me to you and you to me. Your music thrilled me, your tears warmed me, your laughter excited me, your prayer undergirded me, your friendship encouraged me, and your embracing arms lifted me. Yes, I loved being your interim pastor. I thank you. I love you.

Rev. Bob Shepherd

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